Investment Process

Initial Contact:

Next Capital receives and seeks investment opportunities in unquoted companies.

Preliminary Analysis:

After the initial contact, those opportunities which meet the investment criteria undergo a preliminary analysis.

In-Depth Analysis:

In this stage the company, its products, team and sector are analysed, as well as the structure and future profitability of the proposed plan.

Heads of Agreement:

Following the in-depth analysis a Heads of Agreement is signed which comprises the most relevant aspects of the transaction and a period of exclusivity during which the company promises not to negotiate with third parties.

Revision / Due Diligence:

In this stage, independent experts analyse the business, financial, legal, tax, work-related and environmental risks etc. and draft the legal documentation necessary to close the transaction.


After a satisfactory result from the Due Diligence stage, the transaction is submitted for approval to the relevant administrative bodies of Next Capital.


Signing and closing of the transaction.

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